Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The best course you've never heard of

In response to my Rankings post from last week, a friend told me if I wanted people to know about Davenport Country Club I should try to tell them why they should seek it out.  I’ve said in another section of this blog that I don’t do course reviews but I’m hoping I can convey what is so special about this place.

1st here is an article from somebody much smarter than me:

What makes Davenport great in my mind is the routing.  The two main features of the sight are a huge ridge and a creek that meanders through the property.  Alison used both to maximum effect.  The front nine starts in the valley and gently climbs the ridge, getting on top of it for holes 4 to 7 then going back down into the valley for holes 8 and 9.  
Holes 1 & 9.  One on the right, 9 on the left

Where Davenport really gets interesting is at hole 10.  Alison’s decision to build a par 3 across the valley was brilliant, see picture below looking back from 10 green.  
10th green looking back to the clubhouse

11 through 15 play in an out and back fashion on top of the ridge before you move dramatically back into the valley for holes 16 to 18.  18 is one of the best finishing holes I’ve ever played(see picture below)  
18th hole

The bridge that takes you from 10 tee to green is above the 18th green.  

The Colt/Alison bunkering restored by Forse & Nagle also enhanced what was an already very special golf course.
2nd hole climbing the ridge

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